1 If we have not received the contract agreement within 14 days, we will assume that you no longer wish to hire our services and therefore be entitled to cancel any provisional booking you have made with Hampshire Party DJ
2 All Booking Fees must be paid within 14 days of receipt of contract agreement and unless stated balance payments are to be paid 30 days prior to the function (see below)

2b If an agreement has been made with Hampshire Party DJ to pay on the day of the event *ANY Payments made to the DJ on the day/night must be paid prior to the start of the function* it will be within the DJs right, not to set up until payment has been made.
2c All Booking fees are non - refundable or transferable after 7 days from confirmation
3a The DJ fees are agreed with you the client for the times stated on the contract, if you require the DJ to continue playing after agreed times then a charge will incur for every hour thereafter. The extra charge will be at the DJ’s discretion although we recommend up to a minimum £100.00 per hour 
3b The named DJ will be instructed to call you prior to the day of the event, in the event of the named DJ not being in contact, please notify Hampshire Party DJ as soon as possible
4a In the event of YOU, the client cancelling our services 60 days prior to the event, Hampshire Party DJ will be entitled to ask for a cancellation fee of no less than a £100 and no more than £150.00 
4b In the event of the client cancelling our services within 14 days of the event, Hampshire Party DJ will be entitled full payment
 5 If the event is postponed and arranged for a later date, Hampshire Party DJ will hold any monies paid until a new date can be made. An administration fee of no less than £25 and no more than £50.00 will be charged 
6 Please allow a minimum of 1 hour for set up. Hampshire Party DJ will contact the venue if necessary for access
7 Please allow the disco a minimum of 1 hour to pack down after the event 
8 I am a member of the Hampshire DJ Alliance, if for any reason I am unable to perform myself, a suitable replacement will be found
9 It is the hirer’s responsibility for their guests behaviour, if for any reason the function is interrupted due to a guest’s behaviour, the DJ will be within his rights to stop the music until the situation has been resolved
10 If a guest verbally or physically abuses the DJ, he will ask for the guest to be removed from the venue
11 All correspondence will be dealt with by DJ Chris Burford
12 I may take photographs for promotional use only, some may be displayed on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, if you have any objections please inform me. I will not take pictures of Children and Vulnerable adults unless asked to do so by permission.

I understand the terms and conditions and have agreed to sign them

If you would like to write to us with regards to our service then please email us at